3D Technology for Education

3D Technology for Education

A learning experience platform, or LXP for short, is designed to facilitate self-directed learning that fits individual needs. Learning experience platforms have great potential to encourage lifelong, informal, and game-based learning. We provide editor tools to host your own smart learning experience for any use case – at the workplace, at university or school. Become a leading smart learning professional and start right away with our easy-to-use LXP!

Create your own metaverse for learning

The metaverse will transform the way we learn. Work, social life, culture, and education will take place in spaces transcending physical and digital realities. Smart learning experiences are a key part of this new world and one of the few applications that are not far off.

Benefits of smart learning experiences

  • Sustainable knowledge transfer
  • Enabler for a hybrid learning approach
  • Motivation booster for learning
  • Proven to increase learning effectiveness
  • Adapting to individual learning behaviours
  • Access to content at any time