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sectecs city is the virtual 3D-Space where Cyber-Security, Fortune 100 Companies, Investors, Technology- and Cyber-Enthusiasts can meet and collaborate. It is based on impressive 3D, AR and VR experiences and a solution for virtual showrooms, 3D product presentations, virtual events, marketing, sales, education, collaboration and entertainment.

Enterprise 3D City

Why joining sectecscity ?

sectecs city is the space, where city members and interested parties such as Cyber-/Security-Companies, Fortune 100 companies, Investors, Technology- and Cyber Enthusiasts can meet, work, educate and collaborate. It works on any device and is web based while modern functions such as Virtual- and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) are also available.

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Why becoming a city member ?

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Why joining the sectecs city community?

Thousands of people have already experienced a loss of funds and breaches of their data and privacy as a result of one exploit or the other, particularly within the blockchain technology space. Every day, cyber security companies and technology enthusiasts find fresh reasons to develop new products to address these growing problems, which are becoming too much for individuals, companies, and businesses all over the world to handle.

We are creating sectecs city, the 3D world where technology and cyber security companies will meet to collaborate on highly effective new products that will ensure maximum security in every area of technology, including blockchain, to put an end to these pressing issues of cyber insecurity and data breach.

Companies can conduct programs and events in their virtual space, which allows them to engage with more people and promote their products and brands around the world.

Individuals who are not tech-savvy will be able to meet well-known organizations and learn new things from them by taking advantage of the tools and other learning materials accessible. There will also be hacking training and lectures to ensure that everyone is aware of how to protect themselves on the blockchain, Metaverse, NFTs, and in their everyday life.

Enterprise 3D City


No installation required.


Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone or Headset


Through a flexible API and various plugins

Our Services

Security Operating Center & Schwachstellen Management

Wir stehen Ihnen als Partner  zur Seite bei der Umsetzung, Planung, und Umsetzung eines Security

Etablieren und Optimieren Ihrer IT Prozesse

Umfassende Methoden zur Realisierung und Optimierung Ihrer IT Strategie und ProzesseStrategie & GovernanceResourcenInfrastruktur & BetriebIT-/Informationssicherheit

IT Security Diagnostic Programm

Unsere IT-Sicherheitsdiagnose ist ein ein sehr effektives und etabliertes Analysewerkzeug, das Ihnen als Führungskraft dabei